"Dark, sexual, sensual, confessional, and confrontational--all at the same time...a poet."

External link opens in new tab or windowPerforming Songwriter

"PC Muñoz is an artist that knows no boundaries. His output straddles myriad genres, influences and art forms. From funk to classical, pop to hip-hop, experimental to jazz, globally-renowned artists in all these realms consider Muñoz a first-call percussionist, producer, composer, and songwriter. He's also an artist with a deep social conscience -- one who uses music to connect cultures and communities together."

Anil Prasad, External link opens in new tab or windowInnerviews

"...artfully arranged acoustic and synthesized sounds from a highly inventive artist... will move listeners and inspire musicians to seek new sources of sounds and inspiration."

Barbara Schultz,External link opens in new tab or window Electronic Musician

"Mr Muñoz (is) a fascinating percussion colourist and a very astute manipulator of rhythmic textures…each percussion instrument when beaten, stroked and caressed seems to recite its own poetry…"

Raul da Gama, External link opens in new tab or windowJazzdagama.com; complete review External link opens in new tab or windowhere.

"I imagine PC Muñoz broadcasting his songs and poems in the post-apocalypse: a loving badass wanderer documenting matters of love and devastation, history by heartbeat. He stops to taste the earth, buy a faded lottery ticket with no chance to win, looking not backwards but forwards for the ancestors. Lend him your ears: there is no better use for them."

External link opens in new tab or windowBao Phi, 2018 Caldecott Medal winner, award-winning poet/spoken-word artist

"Somewhere between hip-hop attitude, Minneapolis nasty and Latin Rock playa chops, PC Muñoz has an instantly compelling sound that defies definition..."

Rickey Vincent, author of External link opens in new tab or windowFunk: The Music, The People, and The Rhythm of the One;  host of External link opens in new tab or windowKPFA's "The History of Funk" radio show

"(PC Muñoz)  is truly a modern musician, equally at home with a live band, playing the most organic of instruments...or hunched over a computer, making beats and working magic with ProTools..."

Tom Chandler, External link opens in new tab or windowEast Bay Express

"... PC Muñoz consistently redefine(s) himself, sailing effortlessly across artistic categories..."

Marian Liu,  External link opens in new tab or windowSan José Mercury News